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 NAFTA Certificate Checklist

  • Field 2: Blanket period correct? (Cannot exceed 365 days)
  • Field 1: Is exporter name complete?
  • Field 3: Is producer field correct and consistent with field 8?
  • Field 4: Is importer field correct. If various, add your company name to ensure we know who the certificate belongs to.
  • Field 5: Is it complete with description of goods and part numbers?
  • Field 6: Does field 6 have a six digit number? Is the classification number correct based on the description of the goods? It must match the classification number used at time of import.
  • Field 7: Is preference criterion completed with A, B, C, D or E?
  • Field 8: Is field completed and is it consistent with field number 3?
  • Field 9: Is field completed with either NO or NC? (Anything else is incorrect)
  • Field 10: Is field 10 completed with either CA, US, MX or JNT?
  • Field 11: Is field 11 fully completed? NCO must be dated, titled and signed to be valid. Company name, phone and fax number is also required. NCO must be dated the day signed.



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